4 Biggest Objections to Inbound Marketing - and how to handle them

Posted by Peter Rastello

Mar 25, 2014 3:00:00 AM

objection_to_inbound_marketingAs the latest best practices shift like sand dunes in the desert it can be a daunting task to figure out the best place for your marketing dollars. You may have finished your due diligence in exploring the utility of an inbound marketing strategy and are at the stage of convincing those who hold the purse strings that it's a good idea to proceed in this direction, or you may just be wondering what the typical objections will be.

The 4 Most Typical Objections to Inbound Marketing - and How to Handle Them

Following are the six most common objections from the higher-ups when it comes to selling them on your freshly chosen and painstakingly researched solution.

1) We can't afford it - Have you really researched the ROI of the solution? Maybe you need to reconnect with your sales consultant to get the question of ROI addressed to the extent that you are clear, believe in the answer and are able to articulate these benefits convincingly to your boss. Certainly the reality is that your company may indeed not be able to afford the solution, but this should be indicated in a zero or negative ROI figure, not emotional reaction. Get the ROI number and present it and it's supporting evidence.

2) It Takes too Long to See Results - The basis of success here is largely hinged on developing and maintaining the reputation of your company. Keeping this point in mind it should be fairly easy to understand why it takes time before results are seen although, the long-term results are indisputable and ROI will be seen after consistent focus on regular and frequent content generation and publishing. 

The difference between the long term effects of inbound marketing as compared to paid search is a little like difference between flying a kite vs. flying a  rubber band powered model plane. while it may be easier to launch the plane, you will need to keep putting in energy to re-wind the craft in order to keep it aloft. Conversely, while it generally takes a lot of effort to initially launch a kite, once it's up, it is able to remain aloft with less effort because it takes advantage of higher altitude winds.

3) We Can Handle it Internally - Mustering the necessary resources may seem tempting, until you realize the amount of time required to get these people trained and fully productive with inbound marketing. There is clearly efficiency to be gained when leveraging a team of professionals who have been not only been through the learning curve, but also bring years of experience to bear on your projects. You will see more results faster than trying to handle it on your own. Along the way, your marketing department will be learning in parallel and will end up far better poised to take over many aspects of the project while your company is being boosted along by a skilled team 

4) Your C-level folks (CEO/CIO/CMO) Don't Understand the Value - This is classic and is generally caused by yourself! Hah! As much time and energy that it takes for you to understand and be sold on the idea, your boss needs even more. Take the time to expose your executives to an info-session with your inbound marketing consultantancy. This can help uncover and address any objections and questions that your C-types have and give you an opportunity to shine as you jump in with additional details that you have picked up in earlier conversations and reading during your research.

The sands of change are swirling around us, don't let your organization fall behind of your competitors, there's no reason for it. Get the story straight, fight to make yourself heard and don't be pushed over by someone senior to you when you know substantial rewards for the company are right around the corner.

We have helped more than one client who pushed the Inbound boulder up the hill and is now the hero of their company, advanced to VP of Marketing and are highly sought digital marketing executives within their industries. There's no reason that person shouldn't be you. 

Be sure you have the facts that you need to help your executive management understand how you intend to deliver the ROI needed from Inbound marketing. Get our step by step guide:

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