Targeted Web Traffic – Where Does it Come From?

Posted by Peter Rastello

Feb 15, 2010 8:44:00 PM


We often hear people lamenting the fact that they invested in a re-design to upgrade their websites, only to find that the effort didn't result in an increase in traffic at all. In fact, oftentimes the re-design efforts may have actually worked against some sites because Google doesn't adapt well to large scale changes that occur all at once - it's just the way its ranking algorithm is engineered.

So how do you get targeted web traffic to arrive at your site? It's not so complicated if you take a moment to think about it, the problem is this:

  1. Your customers are actively looking for you on the internet today, but just can't find you
  2. They can't find you because search engines try to provide relevant results to entered keywords, but don't see your site as relevant
  3. Your site needs to become relevant enough to show up early in search results 

Targeted Web TrafficThe challenge is in the selection of keywords and how to elevate your site in the eyes of Google in order to become highly relevant when these keywords are searched for. The root of the problem is that you need to figure out what people are most likely to enter when they want to find you, and then rank for those words.

Figuring out what people will type in the search field is not as easy as you might think, in fact I have been flabbergasted when reviewing some of the odd permutations of keywords entered by my clients' traffic that somehow got them to their sites. Nonetheless, there are some basics to consider:

  • Brainstorm with your associates (and spouse)
  • Study your competitors' sites for thoughts on what keywords to target
  • Test keywords in search queries to check for relevant results
  • There usually will be high competition for short, concise keywords - avoid them
  • Think about long-tail keywords. If you sell big game fishing gear, try using ‘Marlin fishing gear' or ‘Marlin fishing gear Baja' for example.

Once you develop a set of keywords that you feel are a good start, you need a way to promote your site by using them in your content and blogging is a great way to achieve this. Be sure to target a specific keyword in the title, and then periodically refer to it in the body of the blog entry linking it to a pertinent service or product page elsewhere in your website.

In spite of my opening remarks regarding site re-design, it is indeed important that your site is appealing, clean, and easy for visitors to manage so that the traffic you attract is able to quickly grasp what you are about, and then locate and act upon the parts they are most interested in.

The process of developing relevant keywords that your site ranks for is one of trial and error, requiring multiple iterations to find the keywords that bring targeted web traffic to your site. Perhaps the best keyword here is ‘persistent patience.'


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