Develop a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Posted by Peter Rastello

Mar 10, 2010 1:35:00 PM

Inbound Marketing requires notable investment in time and energy in order to be successful. You start with an exhaustive keyword search which results in focus for your website presence, develop content around that focus, and then generate calls to action that serve to entice qualified leads to submit their contact information on your well crafted landing pages. Yes, a lot of work went in to all that, and now the leads start coming in - what a great feeling that is.

So, what do you do next? If your call to action is a white paper or e-book, and you haLead Nurturingve leads fill out the form on your landing page, is it appropriate to now reach out to them and start suggesting they become your customer? We believe you should follow up with a less aggressive approach by sending a series of e-mails to nudge them closer to taking the next step and reaching out to you instead. 

Like the rest of the Inbound Marketing strategy, the process of hitting upon the right combination of message, enticements, and timing can require an iteration or two before being successful. Here are some points to think about when building your lead nurturing campaign:

Customer Persona

You should be sure to develop a campaign that carries through the tone of your website, and of course, that tone should be reflective of the persona you are speaking to - the e-mail drip should be carefully personalized.

 One Step at a Time

Develop a campaign that leads them step by step down your sales funnel. Perhaps the following progression:

  • Email 1 - thank you for downloading the white
  • Email 2 - please subscribe to our blog or connect with us on social media
  • Email 3 - click here for a free consultation (and then get their phone number with best time to call on your landing page)

Personalize Your Email

Add fields that automatically populate values like your lead's first name from the landing page form. This may seem like a small thing, but there is a big difference between:


"Thank you for downloading our E-book" vs.

"Hi Peter, thank you for downloading our E-book"

 Your lead will get feel more connected to your company when you address him/her by name.

 Also, take the time to add your logo to the signature line to make the email look more professional and attractive.

 Opt-out Text

Remember you must not violate CAN-SPAM regulation so be sure to include a link to allow recipients to decline any future emails. Note that you are allowed to email them in the first place because they provided their email in the original call to action, but you must provide a way for them to make you stop emailing them.

 Track & Change

Don't do all the work listed above without monitoring your success. You need to know if the campaign is working or not: what is the percentage of leads that opt out vs. the percentage of those who clicked through?

 If your click through rate isn't high enough, you can consider the following:


  • Is the wording of you subject line good enough?
  • Is the timing of your emails vs. what you are offering in them balanced?
  • Have you addressed your customer persona properly?
  • Are you offering something your leads will value enough to click through?

 Statistics from Marketing Sherpa show that 70% of leads that respond to a call to action will ultimately buy something, but not immediately. Deployment of a lead nurturing campaign helps to keep your company visible and attractive to prospective customers, rather than your competitors.



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