Can You Run Hubspot Inbound Marketing tools and Your Business?

Posted by Peter Rastello

Mar 18, 2010 7:46:00 PM

It's an undeniable fact: Inbound Marketing just takes time. While Hubspot has developed a state of the art internet marketing tool suite and methodology that is neatly positioned to enable on-line companies to generate a substantial increase in lead activity, there is a vacuum that results for most companies, and that is: who's going to own and drive this new activity called Inbound Marketing?

Like I said, Inbound Marketing takes a considerable amount of time, particularly in the beginning when you start with a site that needs new content; keyword strategy and development; calls to action; landing pages; analysis; more landing pages; new calls to action; lead nurturing campaign(s) and... oh boy, who's going to do all that? Hubspot, right? Well... no. Hubspot does the initial training, but doesn't directly support the development of all those 'little' pieces, so what do you do?

 You could consider the following:

  • Hire more marketing staff - not usually in the budget
  • Squeeze another 5-10hrs per week out of the junior guys - what junior guys?
  • How about Grandma - not likely, she's still fairly irritated about having to work on your transmission last summer

 Thankfully there is an affordable, and scalable solution to this problem. Hubspot has developed The Services Network which is staffed by a group of hand selected marketing partner firms that have undergone a substantial certification process. Hubspot partners are able to bridge the gap that many, if not most, organizations face after their last IMC training session ends.


 Take a look at the benefits:

  • Efficiency - Partners know the Hubspot tools and methodoloHubspot Partner Programgy inside and out - no guessing or learning delays
  • Leading Edge Advice - Partners are immersed in Inbound Marketing and are necessarily up to date in a field that is rapidly changing.
  • Scalable - Hire a partner only for the things that you need done
  • Affordable - Much less expensive than adding permanent employees

 It's tough enough running your business without having to learn a completely new one. Check out the Services Network and keep your focus where it belongs - on your own business.


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