5 Ways to Generate Sales from Targeted Traffic on Twitter

Posted by Peter Rastello

Jun 9, 2010 12:25:00 PM



Twitter is a commonly used Inbound Marketing lead generation social media channel that can be extremely effective if done right. At the root of it all, you need to be set up so that you can use Twitter efficiently and often. For example, there are a number of utilities available that ease its use and help you to organize your posts, run some level of analytics, and speed up your ability to tweet about articles and events that you come across during the day.


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One such utility is Hootsuite, for example, which now has a nifty little ‘hootlet' that you can drag and place on the bookmark bar on your browser. Then, when you see an article that you want to tweet about, you just click the Hootlet, and it automatically opens your account on Hootsuite, generates a Tweet including a shortened URL, and waits for your additional edits - very handy, go take a look.

Once you are set up on Twitter, and you have conducted best practices to generate a broad Twitter following, you are in a position to leverage your traffic to generate leads that can then be directed to calls to action on your website, which you can then pop into the top of your sales funnel.

I was curious about the various ways to make money with Twitter and began researching what some companies are doing. Following are 5 money making approaches that have worked:

  1. Something of a cult is the Kogi BBQ to Go truck. Kogi serves up Korean barbeque with a Mexican twist from its mobile kitchen in the Los Angeles area. Kogi is able to keep its clientele apprised of its truck location through real-time tweets on Twitter. As you can imagine, it can be tough to find a regular spot to park downtown at lunch hour, so Tweeting location really helps business.
  2. Woot.com sells a single, usually quite cheap item each day. The sale begins at 12am and is over at 11:59pm central time or when sold out. Woot publishes their deals on Twitter and at the time of this writing were followed by over 1.6million followers.
  3. Another approach is to hold a competition. Offer an award for the best product design from your followers and hold a vote on Twitter. Then promote and sell the product back to the voters
  4. Zappos has used Twitter as a customer support avenue enabling an avenue for further advertising
  5. Use the background of your Twitter site to advertise your product or service. Be sure to at least put your web address there, and some copy about what you sell or services that you provide.


 There is a lot of debate in general about the money making potential for Twitter, and the foregoing are just a few quick ideas for how to go about it. The main takeaway is that success on Twitter is like anything else: it's only as good as you make it so think creatively and you will find a way. Happy Tweeting!


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