California Inbound Marketing – 5 Reasons Why The Time is Now

Posted by Peter Rastello

Sep 29, 2010 4:54:00 PM

california inbound marketing

The Inbound marketing torch was lit in Boston several years back largely by Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah, arguably the fathers of much of the methodology which is at the root of modern business promotion on the internet today. The methodology has been steadily moving across the country at a rapid pace and while, it seems, there are many organizations in the eastern US fully embracing these methodologies, how much has California Inbound Marketing taken root? This question is of particular interest to us since we are located in California and have a strong desire to see businesses in our neck of the woods succeed as well as everyone else.

Following is the short list of why the time is ripe to transform your internet marketing approach as soon as you possibly can.

  1. In the past, the yellow pages salesman/woman was the most important person for many, if not most businesses. If you missed the deadline, made a mistake on your copy, or incorrectly categorized your business, it could spell disaster for your company. Today, almost no one uses the yellow pages while virtually everyone uses the internet as a shopping research tool. To this point, you need a strategy to put  your company in the spotlight of those searching for services or products like yours on the internet. 
  2. The peoplewho find you on the internet are pre-qualified. This makes your job selling them on your product or services considerably easier because by the time you talk to them for the first time, they are often deep in your sales funnel – particularly if you practice Inbound Marketing methodology.
  3. It’s far less costly than classical outbound methods. Consider the difference between using your staff, or your own time to develop a magazine ad (weeks of design, proofs, re-design, re-proofs) versus what it takes to do what I am doing right now (blogging). While I am blogging to a targeted audience, many of whom found this article via Google/Bing/Yahoo, your magazine ad is a far broader shotgun approach that you hope gets intercepted by the right leads. Targeted marketing and the ability to make adjustments easily drives the inbound marketing cost per lead way down. 
  4. Digital modality means reliable analytics. Because there are so many organizations collecting data and making it available to you, it is easy to make informed decisions regarding how to improve the performance of your site. On top of that, there are consultancies poised to help you develop a localized California Inbound Marketing strategy that leverages this available data.
  5. It is early in the Inbound Marketing game. This is a great reason to start working on your internet presence today. Organizations are still only just starting to become aware of the fact that a change from outbound to Inbound Marketing has occurred but this edge won’t last – don’t miss the early adopter advantage!

Having a website on line doesn’t mean it is necessarily doing anything for you. A beautiful website is indeed a thing to behold, but if no one but you and the rest of your company know about it, and it isn’t configured to take advantage of any traffic that might get there, then what good is it doing?


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