Google Search Optimization – is Your Site Getting Weeded Out?

Posted by Peter Rastello

Mar 7, 2011 8:53:00 PM

Google SearchAn interesting blog from Google recently broke the news that Google has turned up the heat a little, well, kind of a lot with regard to one or more of their ranking algorithms. The objective of Google is to provide its users with top quality search results to queries that are entered, so tweaking and tuning of it’s algorithms is a constantly on-going activity.

In the current iteration, however, the blog post indicates that the idea for this most recent change is predictably to lower ranking for low-quality sites that do not provide much in the way of value to users, and increase the ranking for higher-quality sites that do provide value, and will impact almost 12% of all queries. This will most likely mean that many sites will feel the impact of this change, but the good news is that those sites offering quality content should feel a net positive effect.

Basically, you should expect a ‘lift’ in ranking if your site provides:

  • Fresh, up to date content
  • Materials that are useful to others
  • Thought-provoking information

And you should expect a drop in ranking if:

  • Your content is stale
  • You only talk about yourself and your products
  • Your content just isn’t that useful to others

According to Google, this change has been carefully researched and has been in the works for well over a year. Google, of course, considers the business of serving up high quality pages to its visitors  as mission critical. Keeping ahead of their competition (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) can only be accomplished with the best algorithms possible.

Interestingly, Google was careful to state that although they did not leverage any of the data from the recently released Chrome extension, ‘Personal Blocklist’, in the development of the algorithm update, there was, in fact, a direct correlation between the most-blocked sites by users of this new software and those sites whose rankings suffered as a result of the algorithm change. In the view of Google, this data ratified their changes.

So, the takeaway is that following the basics of inbound marketing will keep you in Google’s favor – right where you belong.

Any thoughts?

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