Why Use Twitter? Here’s 5 Reasons why Businesses Should

Posted by Peter Rastello

Apr 10, 2011 9:15:00 PM

why use twitterTwitter was launched for public use sometime in June of 2006, but somehow, I still hear lots of folks asking ‘why use Twitter?’ While many recognize the possibilities for using Twitter to promote their businesses in the B2C sphere, I often hear others question whether or not there is a use model for this social media venue in the B2B arena, but one of the biggest objections I hear over and over again, is that if my customers aren’t in it, then why use Twitter at all? Here are 5 good reasons for using Twitter, regardless of who else is or isn’t:

  • Deploying Content – Twitter offers a great opportunity for increasing the visibility of your blog posts. Tweeting your latest publications with links back to your site can help build traffic to your site which in turn drives Google to rank you higher in over all authority. Also, with your blog posts tweeted and re-tweeted, you are increasing the chance that Google will find it faster.
  • People research using the tool - This is a typical use for Twitter. People will use the search tool (http://search.twitter.com) in Twitter to look for discussions about things that they are interested in, so publish Tweets about interesting resources that you have on your site to drive them there.
  • Tips for content generation – If you are looking for ideas on what to generate content on, Twitter is a great place for that. There are so many conversations and references published on Twitter that it is very easy to find something to build a blog post around, or develop a call to action for.
  • Staying informed filter a search on terms relative to your business and you will find more up to date information than you can handle. In our business, we review many of the links that arrive in our stream each day and frankly could not imagine getting by without it.
  • Promote your events – this is one of the best ways for businesses to use Twitter. Start by tweeting about the event before it happens, doing some warm-up PR including sending people to your sign-up page. Come up with a hashtag to represent your event in advance and send it out to people that sign up, and urge them to tweet using your hashtag during the show as this will serve to create buzz about the event that will reach others who aren’t actually attending.

So, back to ‘why use Twitter?’ Well, it doesn’t really matter whether or not you think your customers are using Twitter, because today, the hard fact is that all walks of life are tweeting and chances are that some of your customers are too. You owe it to yourself to at least try the basics outlined above and just see what happens. What do you have to lose?


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