6 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Use Right Now

Posted by Peter Rastello

Jan 2, 2012 5:26:00 PM

linkedin marketing strategiesSo many people ask about how to use LinkedIn as a marketing or business promotion tool. The reality is that most only view this powerful social media venue as a networking database, which, is pretty much what is was when it was originally rolled out some years back. LinkedIn quietly worked on adding new and useful features over time to the extent that many are still only using it as a networking tool and aren't aware of its full potential. Following is a brief compilation of LinkedIn marketing strategies that businesses can leverage today to generate leads and business.

  1. Monitor LinkedIn answers - If you haven't already, take a look at the Answers item listed under the 'More' menu item on your LinkedIn home page. Search for questions that have been asked by members interested in your industry by selecting an area listed in the browse panel on the right. Your objective should be to become an expert in your field by answering as many questions pertinent to your industry as you can.
  2. Harvest business prospects via search - If you are interested in developing relationships within a particular company, search for the company by entering it in the search box, then filter on your first connections if you have any, otherwise filter on second connections to see how they are connected to your first connections who you then ask to introduce you.
  3. Join industry groups - LI Groups is a great tool for deploying a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Join several groups in some way associated with your industry and look for conversations around your products and services that you can participate in and make connections through.
  4. Make use of LinkedIn applications - LinkedIn has a broad range of applications found again under the 'More' menu item. Add these applications to your company page on LinkedIn to enhance the experience that your prospects have when visiting your page.
  5. Direct ads - LinkedIn has a bid-based advertizing solution similar to Google Ads that can help to generate more traffic to your website or LinkedIn page. 
  6. LinkedIn mobile - After downloading the ap to your iPhone, use it during networking events or trade shows to easily exchange contact information with others who also have the ap on their iPhone via bluetooth.

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