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cta-blogging-packageOne major key to successful inbound marketing is keeping content fresh and up to date. Thought leadership is a critical part of generating traffic to your site and is established through other sites linking to your content giving credibility to your articles and, by association, your business.


Hubspot statistics show the following with respect to blogging:


  • 92% of businesses that blog multiple times a day have acquired a customer from it
  • 78% of businesses that blog on a daily basis have also acquired a customer from it
  • 70% of businesses that blog 2-3 times per week also report acquiring a customer from it

The conclusion is that you really must blog for your business, how often is your call, but at least 2-3 times per week.

How We Help You

We first conduct a full research into your industry to help orient our writer(s) to your business. One of our authors will interview members of your company to gather information that will contribute to your blogging articles which they will research write, and post online for you. We set up a monthly schedule with full detail as to topic, title, delivery date, approval status and other details.


Our blog writing service can be purchased in blocks of four months during which we will produce a total of 24 researched and polished posts for you. We can customize the plan depending upon your need.



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