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Spend Less Time Weeding, More Time Closing

cta-start-here-whiteYour sales team should be in love with the marketing you do because they are able to close a majority of the leads that you provide them with -your leads should be qualified and therefore close-able.

As certified internet marketing consultants, we use automation software  that functions as a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) generation machine. Working closely with you to understand your business and customers, we customize the machine for your company, analyze its results, and fine-tune its operation as your business-scape changes or results dictate. This process frees your resources from spending their time prospecting and qualifying leads.

Our Close Customers program focuses on aligning your qualified traffic with a lead nurturing flow that makes sense given a particular buyer lifecycle stage. We optimize  the process using analytic software to clearly interpret the level of effectiveness in order to maximize SQLs in your sales pipeline,

Our focus includes

  • Reduced sales cycle time
  • Lower cost of lead acquisition via marketing automation
  • Improved alignment of lead to nurturing programs
  • Increase quantity of qualified leads in sales funnel
  • Reduction in churn rate.


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