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Content Writing Service

cta-content-marketingYou probably know that outbound marketing is, well, on the way out because we, as marketers are no longer forcing our marketing messaging on people. Instead, to synchronize with the savvy researcher-customer of today, a focus on educational content that helps provide solutions that solve customer problems is necessary.

The research, copy writing, presentation and posting of whitepapers, E-books, webinars and podcasts can be overwhelming. This is another of those tasks that many organizations are outsourcing to specialists with the infrastructure in place to more efficiently handle the generation of these materials.

How We Help You

Inbound Market Link's Content Writing Service takes the pressure off of your scarce internal resources and handles everything from learning your business and industry top to bottom, to researching and identifying your key buyer personas. We build content that addresses pain points of your customers and provides you an avenue for collecting their contact information to use in your lead nurturing activities.


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