10-steps to effective online marketing
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cta-start-here-whitePrior to the internet, marketing was interruptive in its approach, or as we call it 'outbound'. We were interrupted by ads on the TV, interrupted by ads on the radio, and interrupted as we read our favorite magazines. On top of that, we depended on salespeople to educate us about their products.

The Age of Inbound Marketing

Today, we are no longer victims of outbound marketing. We are fully capable of doing our own research on the internet, and we don't need salespeople to help with our decisions hardly at all. In fact it is now a great time for marketers because we are able to build our brands based on trust which, if executed properly, leads our prospects to the conclusion that they should become our customers. Additionally, because the internet is a digital medium, we are able to extract very specific information about the content which attracts prospects and the paths of information consumption that most effectively paves the way for interested leads down our sales funnels.

Where Will Your Company Be This Time Next Year?

How will revenues look 12 months from now - are you ready to make the jump to realign your sales performance strategy through online (inbound) marketing?

Statistics released by the digital marketing think-tank, Hubspot, indicate that more than 60% of companies surveyed now follow inbound marketing methodologies and have shown significant increases in website traffic, lead acquisition and customer conversion numbers as a result.

The development of a sound strategy has as its starting point the following questions:

  • Setting goals for your marketing performance
  • Identifying who you are selling to: customer personas
  • Understanding where each persona's pain points are
  • Where do you stand today with regard to online performance - is the right traffic arriving at your site?
  • What happens when qualified leads show up at your website?
  • Are your sales and marketing teams aligned?
  • What are you doing that is right/wrong?
  • What can you do to improve your situation?

These are all critical questions yet most companies struggle to find answers to them. Part of it is not knowing where to look due to unfamiliarity with digital marketing, and part is change resistance.

The first step is to undergo a complete a marketing analysis to establish your company's current state, and then to move forward by developing an inbound marketing strategic plan.

Build Your Strategic Plan for 2017

Together, we will develop an inbound marketing plan and help you drive its execution:

  • Establish your targets
  • Evaluate current status
  • Identify who you are selling to
  • Recommend content marketing strategies
  • Develop content and workflows that align with your prospects
  • Build lead nurturing programs that pull leads down your sales funnel
  • Create a review process for analyzing results

But the first step is to evaluate where you are today.

Is it time to take the first step?


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