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Quick Start Marketing Program

Just Need Some Help Getting Started?

cta-quick-start-marketingYour company might be a good candidate for our inbound marketing Quick Start program if you meet certain criteria. Typically marketing agencies will ask for a 12 month commitment from you in order to provide services, but there may be another way.

Why Inbound Marketing Can Be A Problem

One of the biggest difficulties companies face when starting out with an inbound marketing system is in the amount of time needed to negotiate the learning curve and become productive. While inbound marketing theory is logical and sequential, putting it in play requires considerable training and perseverance before mastery is acquired.

We recognize that many companies who are new to inbound marketing become overwhelmed with the amount of start up activities that need to take place, even when they have a team capable of handling the chore once it's up and running.

How We Help Push the Boulder Over the Hill For You

We embark upon a six month strategy during which time we set up a complete inbound marketing system for you and help prepare you to take the wheel upon conclusion of the program. Our Quick Start programs are customized and may include the following:

Research and Strategic Planning

  • Brand and business positioning assessment
  • develop buyer persona profiles
  • identify marketing asset gaps & requirements

Establish Your Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • Website tune up
  • Blogging plan
  • Inbound linking
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing (CTAs, landing pages & forms)
  • Develop smart lists from contacts
  • Build lead nurturing email workflows
  • Social media set up (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Performance monitoring & feedback


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