10-steps to effective online marketing
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Real Lead Generation Ideas

Lead Generation IdeasLeads used to come in the form of paper cards that people clipped out of magazines and mailed in. Calling on these folks might have 'lead' somewhere, maybe not, but regardless, we had no idea how warm they were before connecting with them directly, and therefore many opportunities were not well understood and simply fell on the floor with a splat.

Today, inbound marketing has changed all that through a marketing strategy that aligns with the way that people actually now shop . We recognize that not everyone arriving at your site is kicking down the door to make a purchase - in fact, most are not.

Securing a spot at the top of a Google results page is not really where successful digital marketing exclusively focuses any longer - there is a lot more to it than that.

Different Stages of Readiness

Visitors to your website are in various stages of research and need different types of content to help them take the next step to becoming your customer. Our customized marketing plans help you:

  • Define and understand your targeted audience
  • Develop content to address pain points that your product or services resolve
  • Attract qualified traffic to your site
  • Build mechanisms to automate the nurturing of your leads
  • Analyze exactly how your plans are executing
  • Generate leads that your sales team can actually sell to

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